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Corinthians announces changes to one of Viel Torsido's plans

Corinthians announces changes to one of Viel Torsido’s plans

Corinthians announced a new interest on the Fiel Torcedor platform on Friday. The club announced changes to the “Minha Cadeira” scheme, a scheme in which fans guarantee their fixed seat on the field, valid for all matches, while respecting the payment period.

The changes consist of a credit withdrawal mechanism that is valid for matches in which fans indicate that they are not present. The decision must be announced in the system within 24 hours before the start of each match, this way the ticket is put up for sale with others without the owner being able to issue it again.

Thus, the chair owner is entitled to half of the amount collected from the sales of available seats. The amount is divided evenly among all master members who choose not to go to the game.

For example: If 100 owners indicate they will not attend and 50 of these chairs are sold at R$200 each, then half of the R$10,000 raised—that is, R$5,000—will be divided among these 100 loyal fans. . Each person will receive a credit of R$50The club explained in an official note.

If the fan does not indicate the absence at the match, the ticket can be issued normally. Credits, in the event of absence, are valid for potential renewal of the plan, and are deducted from the total amount.

Although tickets for Tuesday’s game against Ferroviária are already on sale, members of the Minha Cadeira plan are still not eligible for the benefit. He started his participation from Libertadores and Brasileirão this season.

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Existing plan members can join the new feature soon, for free, with a contract addon. There is also the option not to adapt to the utility, while retaining the templates of the current system of the “Minha Cadeira” plan.

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