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Corinthians and Sao Paulo fans fight at Luz Station

Corinthians and Sao Paulo fans fight at Luz Station

Members Sao Paulo he is from Corinthians They met on line 4 (yellow) of the subway, in the capital, São Paulo, on Saturday night (1), and got into a brawl with unfortunate scenes. Fans crossed the tracks because Timao played against Cuiaba, at the New Coimica Arena, while Tricolor played in the Copa Sudamericana final, a fact that made Sao Paulo use transportation to pursue the decision outside their homes.

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According to a report he heard, Throw!, many Sao Paulo residents were at Luz Station around 8pm, one hour before the Corinthians game in Brazil started. Underground security prevented the passage of people who were in the access area to the top of the station, as the Corinthians were there.

However, fans started yelling at each other. The Corinthians attempted to disembark and reach the Linha Amarilla landing area, but security at the venue continued to try to stop them, creating general confusion.

– They forbade the general from going up the stairs so that this crowd meeting would not happen, but that didn’t help much. At that time, the Corinthians who were above them came down to meet São Paulos. The guards did not leave and began to “push by push” to get off. A rush on the stairs – a passenger reported the report.

Corinthians fans managed to get to the part where the Sao Paulo players were. The chariot doors opened and the tricolor entered to protect themselves, but Corinth “started” and tried to open them.

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– Everyone started running. Coming back down, I grabbed the stair rail to keep from falling. The subway door has been opened to allow the residents of São Paulo to enter to be safe. At that, the Corinthians got down and went up, trying to get into the chariot – they completed the rider.

The guards prevented the people from going up and the Shock Squad, who had acted tough to try to contain the confusion, arrived.

According to the police, the situation was under control and there were no fatalities at the scene. In the event of any new developments, the article will be updated.

The police arrived and also joined the fray (Image: clone/internet)