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Corinth will have to hire a technician who knows how to work with the base

Corinth will have to hire a technician who knows how to work with the base

No one tells that Corinth is in a year of expense containment, however, more than that, Corinth is in a year of base integration and has many youngsters on its team – some more used, some less, but all with a lot more potential (either exit For playing or polishing). Timão’s new captain Need use them.

The Raising More Boys Pro project started last season, with Thiago Nunes. On this occasion, Xavier, Gabriel Pereira, Ruan Oliveira and Roni were incorporated into the cast. With the coach, only GP and Rowan Oliveira got in – the other two got the chance to make their debut when Coelho temporarily took charge (and also ascended to Mantuan).

Wagner Mancini was, like it or not, responsible for bringing a large number of boys into professional football. Adson, Anthony, Cowie, Felipe Augusto, Gilherme Piro, Mandaca, Matthews Araujo, Matthews Donnelly, Rodrigo Varanda and Vettinho. In addition, Joao Victor is back and starts using more Raul Gustavo and Lucas Beaton. This is the path that I can not Stop.

The coach who comes must understand that the future of the club is On the feet Of these children. It’s not as if they were the solution to all problems, far from it, but from there the cast will leave without having to spend horrific money on players who don’t add much.

Of those kids who got out Almost 60% of Corinthians’ goals in Paulista. Do you need a lot of patience? Logical. But you also need to understand that in Mancini’s last matches, the best performances were when the team was a younger component. It is necessary to have faith and to continue to give them a chance.

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It’s not just setting it on fire, there is context and there is a moment. What is the best time of reconstruction? It’s hard to start from scratch with a new coach, but the test has to be continued. They need to keep getting space.

The culture of using grassroots in the club is a very complex process for a number of reasons, however, it will only become a habit if there is persistence. There’s no other way to 2021 (and for the future) than to believe in Terrão. To the next: Courage. Keeping base.

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