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Corgi are flooding the web with a funny strategy to get teachers’ attention

Corgi are flooding the web with a funny strategy to get teachers’ attention

A corgi-bred puppy has been conquering social networks for his habit of throwing his stuffed animals in the air, especially at his teachers.

Dash is a very loving corgi who loves to have the attention of his teachers Adriane and Mike, but when that isn’t possible, the dog has devised a technique to get their attention.

In one of the many videos posted to his TikTok account (@tweet), Dash is shown throwing a stuffed animal towards her teacher who is sitting in front of the computer at work.

In one attempt to get Adriane’s attention, the dogs end up pressing the desk lamp switch that is turned on next to the computer, thus turning off the light.

In another attempt, the corgi crashes into a picture frame and knocks it onto the table.

“He’s just trying to save on his energy bill,” the post’s caption highlights.

The video, posted on September 23, has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people.

In addition, the post also received around 90.3k likes, 327 comments, and 2,186 shares.

Letícia commented: “I really love this dog.”

Lara remarked: “It’s so that you don’t fall asleep and it will soon be over.”

Dash, you definitely need a friend to play with. Tell mom and dad to adopt you a brother or sister!

In another video posted in November, Adrienne decided to turn Dash’s strategy to get her attention into a prank.

This is because the teacher placed a basketball backboard on his back so that the dog would hit the basket when he threw the pet in his direction.

Dash ends up missing out on the first try, but seems to hate his lack of aim.

“Okay, let’s get him on,” the text asserts as a corgi plops on his bed as if to prepare himself psychologically.

On the second try, it’s a basket! The same thing happens on Dash’s third court.

The dog’s sports career conquered the hearts of netizens and the video ended up being viewed by more than 5.5 million netizens.

“You look great having fun with your pet,” says Vivian.

A netizen said: “It’s very good at it.”

paying off:


Corgi is a very popular breed among people who love small and medium sized dogs. Plus, they were hugely adored by Queen Elizabeth, who had around 30 corgis in her lifetime.

As shown on the site paws of the housedogs of this breed have a thick coat, short legs and large ears, able to win over anyone who is nearby with their cuteness and attractiveness.

Like many other breeds, such as the German Shepherd and the Belgian Shepherd, Corgis are classified into two types: Corgi Pembroke and Corgi Cardigan.

The two versions of this breed come from different towns in Wales – Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire – a fact that inspired the name of these animals.

Although Pembroke Corgi are more common, the only striking difference between these animals is their tail. While the Pembroke Corgi has a short tail, the Cardigan Corgi has a longer tail.

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