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Contempt and deconstruct Brazilian science

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Despising and Deconstructing Brazilian Science, Gaudêncio Torquato article

It is a crisis of withdrawal of the crisis. Another one is developing, and it threatens to throw the Brazilian flag or, in other words, its rubble, at the bottom of the well.

Higher education and technical institutions receive only 2.22% of the annual resources they are entitled to, which baffles the deans of federal universities, frightens students who receive scholarships to start studying, weakens student assistance, and leaves researchers frustrated in the face of disruption in short, and burying the discoveries of science in a pit. Deep.

Deconstruction is something unprecedented, which immediately raises the question: Does anyone know the name of the Minister of Education? It is sad to see that in parallel with the denial that our public directors deal with, starting with the strongest, the President of the Republic, managing the Covid-19 pandemic, we are witnessing the collapse of public education in the country.

The effects can be felt not only in the cuts in resources that cripple activities, but also in the aesthetics of campuses, such as the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, already celebrated as a center of excellence in teaching and research, among the best in the world. Those were the last days of the University of Brazil. What will some of its former rectors say about this disaster, such as Benjamin Franklin Ramiz Galvão, the university’s first rector and former member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL); Dr Raul Letao da Cunha, former Minister of Education and Health Pedro Calmon; Immortal is also for ABL Deolindo Couto; Former Education Minister Raymondo Augusto de Castro Moniz de Aragão; And economist Carlos Lisa, former president of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES)? They will be ashamed of Brazil.

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What a disappointment to see that monitoring, cleaning and cleaning services are not being paid due to lack of resources. Electricity and water were not cut off by the companies. Cracks in buildings and lack of preservation frighten visitors. In Bahia, Parana, Rio, evidence of neglect has been revealed, but the ugly picture is the same in all places occupied by federal universities.

What can one claim? Discounts to make the so-called “spending cap” possible. However, is this brutal spending cut justified? The picture is cruel, but it is necessary: ​​to save a human life, instead of amputating a finger or arm, the veins are removed. Of course, there will be no saving. So do the bureaucrats, those who, in their compartments in Esplanada dos Ministérios, with a sharp blade, cut the veins of the national body.

Now, education is the foundation of a nation. Without education, there is no civilized process, progress, progress, and healthy life. Without education, the region does not return from being a nation to remain a piece of raw land.

The nation’s greatest revolution is the education revolution. Without it, the frame described by the Argentine philosopher Jose Ingeneros appears: “At certain times, the nation sleeps inside the country. The plants of the organism. The soul has changed. Lusts annoy the ideals and make them dominating and aggressive. There are no stars in the horizon, and no oriflamas in the constellations. There is no shouting. From the people. Great encouraging voices do not echo. Everyone rallied around formal gowns to get some crumbs from lunch. It is an atmosphere of mediocrity … The worship of truth enters the shade, as does the yearning for admiration, belief in entrenched beliefs, the glorification of ideals, disinterest, self-denial All that stands in the way of virtue and dignity. “

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Where is the political field in this mediocrity crisis? You feel anxious about other things that could earn you rewards, returns, scores, and votes. Money to buy tractors, joints to be able to make budget adjustments, and to participate in forums that give greater informational visibility. This is how life looks like in the spaces of parliamentary representation. Could it be that your Excellencies, in the posts of ministries, municipalities and congressional councils, owe nothing to the educational engine that has strengthened their lives? When making a decision, they use the balance of pragmatism. They think: What could be better for me now?

Thus, science, even under the praise and applause of some, ends up sacrificing it for “other priorities”. What does the MEC say? Resources, unfortunately, are “conditional.” It cannot be used. In other words, education is “conditional.” At this point someone knows how to answer the above question: What is the name of the Minister of Education?

Gaudêncio Torquato is a journalist, writer, full-time professor and political advisor for Twitter @ gudêncio.com

Note: The protests were so intense that the government ended up giving universities more resources.

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