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Confronted and brave, Pat is afraid of the cult when he discovers revenge on his friend TV News

Confronted and brave, Pat is afraid of the cult when he discovers revenge on his friend TV News

pat (Paula Oliveira) will be shocked to find out who will be the target of revenge against the “Orange Sect” in face and courage. The acrobat will learn that the plan will be made against Gustavo (Marcello Valli), the father of rich (Andre-Louise Frambach), her partner and friend. Thar, the Brave will turn against the group and refuse to participate in the scheme at Globo’s Seventh Opera.

In the The chapter scheduled to air next Tuesday (26).The guards will hold a meeting to discuss the plot. The woman asks who Alfred (Carmo Dalla Vecchia).

“Yes, the land belongs to him, we were paying every right to settle it, but we found out it was a whole front. The lawyer who was taking care of the matter paid nothing. We lost the money paid and also our houses because the landlord kicked everyone out. There are ten families on the street who don’t know what to do ”, explains Rosa (an undisclosed actress) the girl who was wronged.

“Now? What to do? What is revenge?‘Paula Oliveira’s character will ask.’ We will take the furniture, the things and the bags from the vacated houses and put everything before this man who expelled these families,” he will report. Andrea (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho).

At this moment in history, Patricia He will have already told you all about the meetings Secret Italo (Paulo Lisa) and mo (Marcelo Cerrado), who will monitor the meeting by eavesdropping. The former security guard will note that “this can be a problem.”

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In the sequence, the actress will explain that the event will take place during an art exhibition of the villain’s wife. “And this man who owns the land, what’s his name?” asks Pat. Upon hearing Rose speak as Gustavo Bastos, Gui’s mother (Diogo Caruso) will freeze.

“Gustavo Bastos? He’s my partner’s father! Andrea, I can’t take part in this. You want to spoil Rico’s father,” he will confirm. “Pat, we all here agreed and took action on your case when you needed help. Alfredo’s surgery was done, right? In the same way, we have to support Rosa who was left homeless because of this Gustavo Bastos, whoever he is related to, ”the translator will respond.

“Do you want to compare one thing to another? You helped my husband to health, I will be forever grateful! But you want to demoralize a man without having all the evidence that he did it on purpose!” Pat concludes.

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