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Confidential justice outlines emails from Americana executives in Bradsco lawsuit

The Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP) replied to a request The Americans The emails of company executives who might be arrested in a lawsuit for the early production of evidence submitted by Bradesco. In addition, the Sao Paulo judge allowed messages to be shared with Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)which opened procedures to investigate the company’s accounting deficit of R$20 billion.

Americanas told TJ that the documents be kept secret until they are examined by court-appointed experts. The retailer’s defense stated: “The content of the documents to be provided by Americanas Group is confidential, and contains not only information about the business, but also about the private lives of the affected persons.”

The Americana unit that entered into judicial recovery proceedings after the billionaire’s breach. Photo: Rodolfo Buhrer/Futuarina take photo: Rodolfo Bohrer/Futuarina

Confidentiality will only apply to emails, documents and other data that are captured until the designated expert has examined the material. This is another point where there is a complex. Expert Patricia Ponder, who had been hired by TJ, resigned over a “fee dispute”.

It has not yet been decided who will replace her. At the same time, Judge Andrea Gallardo-Palma appointed Kroll Associates to replace Deloitte in terms of evidence expertise. Yesterday, Deloitte alleged a conflict of interest to drop the nomination, which came to replace EY, who was disqualified because he was appointed by Americanas to advise an independent panel that is also investigating the company’s accounting issues.

Bradesco’s lawsuit demanded the seizure of emails from Americanas’ former and current executives and directors over the past 10 years, in order to try to find, according to the bank’s defense, those responsible for the R$20 billion accounting breach disclosed in January. . Which led to the bankruptcy of the company. The bank’s request was accepted.

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