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Condemned, Bonan Bolsanaro will screen the film in the United States

Condemned, Bonan Bolsanaro will screen the film in the United States

Condemned for insulting the Capitol invasion, Steve Bannon will attend the Washington screening of the film “Not All Falls Out”, which describes the rise of Donald Trump’s former strategist Jair Bolsanaro. The documentary, directed by Josiah Diophilo, premiered in Brazil last month.

Bonan’s participation in the US session scheduled for November was announced by Teófilo at the start of work in Brasilia last Tuesday night (10/19). The film, interviewed by Bonan, will also be shown in Miami. In June, Bonan became interested in distributing the documentary in the country.

On the same day that Teófilo announced in Brasilia, Bannon will be condemned by a parliamentary committee investigating the invasion of the US Congress in January. The board unanimously approved the contempt charge against Bannon, who refused to take part in the vote. If convicted, Bannon faces up to a year in prison.

In August 2020, Banon was arrested for embezzling up to $ 1 million. He was released just hours after signing the $ 5 million bond.

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