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Compares the original Dead Space video with a remake;  See the differences in the setting

Compares the original Dead Space video with a remake; See the differences in the setting

It is possible to see many improvements in modeling and textures

which is long overdue de Dead Space remake It was officially revealed on Thursday (22), during EA Play Live 2021. The game is in development by Motif Studios It will be released for PC, Xbox Xbox X| S H PlayStation 5. The revealed short trailer shows some of the game’s atmosphere, as well as the new textures and modeling of protagonist Isaac, in his classic spacesuit.

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Although little has been revealed, the channel Youtube EIAnalistaDeBits Analyze the trailer and compare it to the original game, released by developer Visceral Games in 2008. The video notes visual improvements in lighting and modeling as well as in textures. From the trailer, it is already possible to see the addition of several new assets, demonstrating Motive Studios’ dedication to creating a high-quality remake for the new generation of consoles.

The trailer for The Dead Space starts from the very first moments of the original game. With the Frostbite engine, we can see the drastic change in the atmosphere of the Ishimura spacecraft, where the story of the game takes place. With more realistic lighting and enhanced shadow effects, the ship’s environments convey a greater sense of danger and isolation.

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The most interesting detail of the trailer is when we see the moment Isaac picks up Plasma Cutter and encounters the ferry: Cut the limbs (Limbs cut off), and the lights of costumes that represent the player’s life begin to appear. Through the comparison video, it is possible to see a clear improvement in lighting, including the shadow cast by the protagonist, as well as textures and character modeling.

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According to what was revealed during EA Play, the developers are treating the new version as a kind of “Love Letter to Excellence”, to bring the game in the best possible way to new technologies. Unfortunately, the release date of the Dead Space edition on EA Play Live has not been reported.

Source: MeuPSAnd EIAnalistaDeBits