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Compare Lords of the Fallen running on PS5 and Xbox Series

Compare Lords of the Fallen running on PS5 and Xbox Series

Exclusively for new generation consoles, Lords of the Fallen comes with graphical improvements thanks to Unreal Engine 5. The title has advanced display and detailing modes, and support for the latest gaming technologies.

The RPG features selectable quality and performance modes, with similar graphics settings on PS5 and Xbox Series

Lords of the Fallen runs at 1440p in Quality mode – dynamic resolution scaling – and 1080p in Performance, while it should maintain the 60fps promised by Hexworks. On Xbox Series S, it runs at 1080p in quality and 720p in performance.

Lords of the Fallen brings performance issues

When it comes to performance, the game is targeting a frame rate of 30fps in terms of quality on all three consoles, but does experience some minor dips during moments of increased intensity.

In terms of performance, the goal is to reach 60 FPS on all consoles, but the game ends up fluctuating between 50 and 40 in difficult situations, where the Series However, the frame rate on Xbox is more choppy than on PS5, with consistent recordings of 40fps.

See the comparison below:

Lords of the Fallen is available for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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