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Company warns of security breach on WhatsApp Web

.-related security vulnerability WhatsApp Web. The problem was seen by ISH Tecnologia in association with L1 Engenharia. ISH Engenharia is a cybersecurity specialist and says that the flaw could affect other versions of the messenger. These versions include the desktop and the Windows Store app.

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As per the alert, Criminals can access messages, photos and content shared via WhatsApp. Then, the attacker can impersonate the user in order to gain advantages or use various frauds.

The security company advises WhatsApp Web users to disconnect the app when they are not in front of the computer.

According to ISH Tecnologia, Facebook has been notified of the app’s security breach. So the fault is with the invasions. Messages have been end-to-end encrypted in the messenger since 2016. The reason for this is precisely to prevent information theft.

WhatsApp changes

It should be noted that WhatsApp is testing a new feature to avoid its use on mobile phones. It will be possible to establish more connections on different devices.

Soon, each device will have its own ID from beta testing.

According to the company, security will be maintained, as all identities will be for the same user. People will be able to see which devices they are sending messages to.

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Other than that, there is “automatic device scanning”. This feature makes the new system easier to use. New verifications will only be required in cases of new account registrations.

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Although the new system is now available for testing, WhatsApp Web will remain active. The company said that it will be possible to access other devices by scanning a QR code.

According to the first information, each user will be able to connect with up to four devices. Now is the time to wait for updates to arrive for all users permanently.

It is not known whether these tests can affect the security of WhatsApp Web, in principle the company has not yet commented on any report and guarantees the security of the user.