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Companion of Chilean president empties power from first lady's office |  Globalism

Companion of Chilean president empties power from first lady’s office | Globalism

Irina Kramanos, Chief Companion ChileAnd the Gabriel Borek, would relinquish the jobs that the country’s first lady had and pass on to those of professionals appointed by ministers. This was announced Wednesday (5).

During the campaign, Karmanos, 32, called for the role of first lady to be recast.

At the age of only 36, Gabriel Borek took over as President of Chile

However, when Borek took office in March of this year, she took the position, although she changed her name (A new institution with ministerial powers called Cabinet Irina Karamanos has been created to replace the posts of the First Lady).

On that occasion, she was criticized by the opposition as well as by Chilean feminists.

Currently, the position of first lady comes with the presidency of six institutions. She left one of them, and will gradually hand over the leadership of the other five institutions to the ministries.

The first position she left was that of president of Fundação Integra, which is responsible for managing 1,200 daycare centers and kindergarten schools.

The full overhaul of the job will be completed by the end of the year.

The position of first lady is unregulated in Chile. Traditionally, the first lady is unpaid, but she manages a multi-million dollar budget and has an office in the presidential palace in La Moneda.

Karamanos, Borek’s partner since 2019, is of Greek and German origin, studied at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, and is a member of the ruling Feminist Front, Social Convergence.

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