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Companies ration fruits and vegetables amid shortages

Companies ration fruits and vegetables amid shortages

It seems hard to believe living in a country as abundant as Brazil, but Brits struggle to find it Fruits and vegetables Fresh in supermarkets. In the UK, institutions adopt rules such as rationing Limit products per person.

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Large retail chains have announced that each customer can only buy two packages of common everyday items, such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and berries. Information from a British newspaper Watchman.

The supply of fruits and vegetables leading to shelves being emptied is the result of unfavorable weather conditions in Europe and North Africa. Many point to Brexit (leaving the European Union) as the culprit in the situation, but the issue is more complex.

According to experts, other countries in the bloc, such as Ireland and France, are also facing shortages. The United Kingdom, as well as part of the countries of the European Union, import a large part of their vegetables from warmer countries, such as Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

To make matters worse, local producers are not satisfied with the high costs of production. Expenditure on greenhouse heating has made it impossible to grow a variety of vegetables, according to the National Farmers’ Union (NFU), the entity that represents the category in England and Wales.

The upshot is that product shortages are likely to continue for a few more weeks as consumers worry about a potential rush to buy, which could drive up prices. Last week, a customer who tried to take home 100 cucumbers was denied entry to the supermarket.

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