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Common says the proposed UK theme park and resort would provide a  billion boost to the country’s economy

Common says the proposed UK theme park and resort would provide a $53 billion boost to the country’s economy

Common suggested that the proposed UK theme park and resort would generate around $53bn (£50bn) in economic benefits for the host country.

Common Locations & Experiences (UDX), the theme parks unit of Comcast’s NBCUniversal, announced last December that it had acquired a 476-acre site for a proposed new location in the United Kingdom outside the town of Bedford, about 60 miles northwest of London.

It is currently conducting feasibility studies and due diligence, and is expected to make a final decision on the project by the end of this year.

An Economic Impact Analysis (EIA) report, commissioned by UDX as part of this process and released today, forecast a net economic contribution of $37.4bn (£35.1bn) over the construction period and first 20 years of operation.

The report also estimated that the site would generate up to $15 billion (£14.1 billion) in additional net tax returns for the UK over the same period.

Other potential benefits include the creation of thousands of jobs, including 20,000 jobs during the construction period, plus 8,000 jobs once the site is operational, she said.

The proposed UK location will be the first European location for UDX, which currently operates five branded theme parks and resorts, including Common Orlando Resort, Common Studios Hollywood, Common Studios Japan, Common Beijing Resort and Common Studios Singapore.

The environmental impact assessment report released on Wednesday indicated that the park would be one of the most visited attractions in the UK and would attract millions of international visitors.

Thompson, Chairman of New Ventures of Common Locations, said: “Common’s world-class theme park and resort has the potential to generate billions in economic benefits for the UK, creating thousands of high-quality jobs and attracting millions of new visitors to the country.” and experiences in response to the EIA report.

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