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Common practice is a crime and has just cause;  know if that's the case

Common practice is a crime and has just cause; know if that’s the case

One of the best benefits people get Brazilian He has access to work with an official contract that is the character of food, as it has been a huge help in everyday life, especially with the high prices of everything. This benefit is intended to feed the employee and his family, thus resulting in good savings at the end of the month.

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This also means that the voucher is necessary to ensure a better quality of life, especially for the individual to get the best financial freedom.

Although this excellent feature is popular and many people have access to it, it has been found to be constantly misused, especially in terms of what can or cannot be done with the credit card in question.

Most people don’t know the rules, which may sound silly, but it isn’t! Know that a very common practice of using a coupon can cause you to lose access to it or even get you fired for a good cause, so be very careful.

Not everyone knows, but this benefit is part of a federal government program aimed at ensuring quality food for low-income workers.

a program food Per worker was created for employees who receive up to five minimum wages. An employer who takes advantage of this benefit even gets discounts on fees and income taxes.

It is undoubtedly an excellent help that contributes greatly to the well-being of society as a whole; However, as mentioned earlier, there are very strict rules that go against common practices among workers.

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Believe it or not, but they consider a a crime.

Sell ​​or borrow food stamps

The legislation is undergoing changes that are supposed to take effect within the next few years, so it becomes absolutely necessary to be careful not to have headaches in the future.

The feature must be used exclusively by the card holder, whether in restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries or supermarkets. This means that it cannot be borrowed, sold or given away even if it is for members of the same family.

This practice is classified as an offense under Art. 171 of the Penal Code, because it suits the practice of embezzlement. The penalty can be up to five years in prison, plus a fine.

In addition to this penalty, the employee is terminated from the company for good reason.

In view of selling the commodity, the penalty is more severe, as it violates the code of law and business practices.

In case Evidence – proof From the sale, the employee is terminated in accordance with Art. 482 of the Basic Law Act, which is characterized as a serious functional error, and therefore also causes good cause and loss of labor rights, such as payment of advance notice, a fine of 40% of the monthly amount and also the loss of the right to withdraw from the FGTS.