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Cogna (COGN3) Up 10% More Education Stocks Close Higher With Positive Outlook For Fies

Cogna (COGN3) Up 10% More Education Stocks Close Higher With Positive Outlook For Fies

Shares rose in the education sector in Tuesday’s session (31), with expectations regarding changes in student financing (Fies), which is seen as one of the potential offers of Lula’s government in this new government.

This is because the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, authorized the eve of the transfer of R$ 500 million from the federation to the Fies Guarantee Fund (FG-Fies), responsible for covering possible defaults in Fies. The transfer was approved by a decree signed by the minister and published last Monday in the Official Gazette.

The most notable increase among stocks belonging to Ibovespa was Cogna (COGN3), closing with a gain of 10.19% (R$2.38), while Yduqs (YDUQ3) increased by 7.16% (10.33 R$); It should be noted that COGN3 assets have The recommendation was taken to neutral on the eve of Bradesco BBI’s establishment.

moving (ANIM3(increased by 8.33% to R$4.42, Ser Educacional)SEER3) increased by 13.27% to R$ 4.78, while Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional advanced (CSED3) gained just shy of 2.64% at R$3.50.

“Talks regarding a possible increase in Fies have heated up again and boosted the sector. This news is one indication of that,” noted an analyst following the sector.

It should be noted that on the eve of Lula’s election, at the end of October last year, there were positive expectations for action in the education sector, as the sector’s assets recorded some skyrocketing sessions. Amid the expectations of many Fies rework houses.

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FIES reform could have a significant impact on campus income and tuition trends. Tuition fees were declining in real terms for the 10 years prior to 2011, when the government began to expand the program, which led to a period of 5 years of readjustment of real tuition fees, which stopped one year after the start of the reduction in the program, in 2015 Currently, the program constitutes Government enrolls 4% on campus, up from 39% in 2014,” JPMorgan assessed before the election.

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However, without major moves in that direction in the government’s first month, stocks ended up not sustaining gains.