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Coffin lined with lead: Understand how Queen Elizabeth II's body can live for days without being buried |  Globalism

Coffin lined with lead: Understand how Queen Elizabeth II’s body can live for days without being buried | Globalism

The Queen Elizabeth II He died on September 8, but has not yet been buried. His funeral will be held on Monday (19). The queen’s body can withstand 11 days of ceremonies and transportation thanks to the way the coffin was made. we understand then.

During Elizabeth II’s funeral rites, her body remains enclosed in a coffin, which is made of English oak and lined with lead, Manufactured 30 years ago.

The method used to produce the coffin is known as “lead casing and box”. In that simple inner coffin is made of wood, covered with lead and then placed inside an outer coffin, as the English Telegraph explains.

And therefore, It is possible to prevent the entry of oxygen and moisture into the coffincreating an airtight environment, which in turn prevents the multiplication of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In this way, the body takes longer to decompose, and it can be preserved for up to a year, CNN explains.

The Queen will be interred at Windsor Castle, in the King George VI Memorial Chapel, along with her father – who honors the name of the church – and her husband, Prince Philip, murdered in April 2021.

The casket of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh was made 30 years ago.

The model was developed by Henry Smith, who closed the company in 2005. He also made coffins for celebrities such as Diana Dors, Freddie Mercury And the Jimi Hendrixpoints to The Telegraph.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II at the airport near London on September 13, 2022 – Photo: Andrew Matthews / Reuters

The London funeral company Leverton and Sons, which is responsible for the royal funeral, received the coffins of the Queen and Prince in 1991, ready to go.

Queen Elizabeth II is not the first monarch to have a lead casket. According to CNN, It has been a practice among English nobles for at least 4 centuries.

Queen Elizabeth I, King Charles II, Queen Victoria and Princess Diana, for example, were also buried in lead coffins, according to Westminster Abbey records.

But this practice is not limited to the royal family. Former Prime Minister of EnglandWinston Churchill, also had the coffin lined with lead.

The model would have become popular in the Victorian era, when an airtight sarcophagus seal was necessary to prevent traces of decomposing objects above ground, CNN explains.