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Coca celebrates first place overall in Libertadores and pays tribute to the Gallo team

Coca celebrates first place overall in Libertadores and pays tribute to the Gallo team

victory Atlético MG In Cerro Portinho, where the lights went out in the stadium of General Pablo Rojas, in Asunción, he placed the mining team in the General Command of Libertadores, At least at this point. Kino’s goal, in the 46th minute of the second stage, in addition to raising the white man to 13 points in the eighth group, was also important to coach Coca.

In the match in which Lever faced Colby in a number of matches at the helm of Gallo in Libertadores, 17 in total, the 2013 champion coach has scored 10 wins since his return to the club in March. With a win on Paraguay, he had a 73.3% success in this new segment.

“I liked the manner of delivery and behavior the team had in all the matches. The weekend opponent (America-MG) hadn’t played for a week, so we used a substitute team. We missed the start, but we competed.” Coca commented after the victory, “We beat Cero.”

“Confidence in the group and confidence in the team. We are very pleased to be the first in the overall ranking for such a tough competition. The pressure is because Galo has a very strong team. When you sign, there is an above average cost. We have to know how to live with it, but not … Because we made deals that we will win. If there is no organization, work, competitiveness and these guys train hard, we will play badly. Work with the greatest possible. “

Guaranteed at the top of the group, Atlético MG will face La Guaira-VEN next Tuesday (25) in Mineirao. With 13 points out of 15 available, Galo has the best campaign in the tournament, beating 31 other opponents. If you follow the lead (general), you have the advantage of returning matches from the last 16, quarter and semi-finals to your home ground. It should be noted that the final will take place at the Centenario Stadium in Uruguay in one match.

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Before that, the challenge was defining the Minero Championship. On Saturday (22), the team faces América-MG, in need of a minor draw to give the 46th Olympic round in state competition. The match is scheduled to take place at 16:30 and will be held in Mineirao.