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Gilberto Gil na CNN

CNN reporter makes slips live with Gilberto Gil

Gentle, Jill did not comment on the misinformation conveyed by the CNN reporter

247 – Singer Gilberto Gil gave an interview to CNN Brazil and was surprised by the misinformation given by the presenter, citing the artist as the second black man to hold a chair at the Academia Brasileira de Letras.

The misinformation was noted by journalist Hildegard Engel, who corrected the quote: “From the founders, Machado de Assis and José do Patrosinho, to Evaristo de Moraes Filho, Octavio Mangabeira, Domicio Proenca and Joao Ubaldo, blacks have always been present at ABL.”

The reporter also confirmed that Jill was very polite in not correcting the reporter live.

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The singer, composer and former Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil He was elected on Thursday (11) to occupy one of the presidents of the Brazilian Academy of Letters (ABL). At the age of 79, Gil received 21 of 34 ABL chair 20 academic votes, beating poet Salgado Maranhão and critic Ricardo Daunt.

Gilberto Gil said in an interview after the election results Who will bring to ABL what they have already built as an artist and cultural director. “I think this is what I really have in my hands, what I stand for, what I am and the degree of expression I have been able to achieve in life in relation to the question of Brazilian cultural life. I have a passage through the institutional world of culture, as Minister of Culture from Salvador, Minister of Culture of the country. It has its own advantages, its values, and a certain dynamism, a limited entrepreneurial ability,” said Gilberto Gil.

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