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CNN Brazil hires Pedro Andrade for new entertainment program · TV News أخبار

CNN Brazil hires Pedro Andrade for new entertainment program · TV News أخبار

After 12 years on the Globo pay channels and a short stint at Cultura, Pedro Andrade signed a contract with CNN Brasil on Monday (28). He is the premiere presenter appointed by Renata Afonso, the channel’s new CEO, and will be part of the “Soft News” team that will enter the program from the second half of the year.

Pedro gained fame as a presenter after 12 years on the bench at Manhattan Connection. When he joined the team in 2009, the show was broadcast by GNT. In 2011, it was transferred to GloboNews. And in January of this year, he went to Kaltora, where he resigned in May.

On CNN Brazil, he will lead culture and lifestyle, interviewing people all over the world and reviewing their lifestyles.

“The program is a light attraction that uses current topics as a guiding principle. We always want to show relevant content from a young, dynamic, optimistic and cutting edge angle,” says the presenter.

The news channel reports that its new attraction, which has not yet been carried, will have no parallels with Pedro Pelo Mundo, a Pedro-led travel program led by GNT and has even made the channel topping the pay-TV audience on some occasions.

The first season will focus entirely on the United States, the country where Pedro lives. The first appearance will take place in the second half.

“The arrival of Pedro Andrade enriches CNN Brasil’s catalog of soft news products. Our strategy is to diversify our production, with exclusive talent and always informative content, while respecting the DNA of our company,” says Renata Afonso.

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