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COP27 Egito vs Reino Unido

Climate ambition is causing a dilemma between Egypt and the UK

Egypt’s government has warned its UK counterpart against “backsliding on the global climate agenda” in an unusual rally between countries hosting United Nations climate talks.

The two countries will weigh heavily at the next climate conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh next month, with British Alok Sharma, the current chief negotiator, handing over the baton to the Egyptian minister. Same Shokri.

According to GuardianThe Egyptian demonstration came shortly after the British government confirmed that King Charles III Don’t do it Neither COP27 nor new Prime Minister Liz Truss participated.

In London, it is speculated that the King wanted to travel to Egypt to open the COP, but was prevented by Truss due to his constitutional role as head of state. The Egyptian government expected Charles to arrive and issued a formal invitation directly to Buckingham Palace.

“The COP chairman appointment is disappointed by these reports. The Egyptian Presidency of the Climate Conference recognizes Her Majesty’s long-standing and strong commitment to the climate cause, and believes that her presence will be of great added value to the visibility of climate action at this critical time. “We hope this does not indicate that the UK is withdrawing from the global climate agenda after chairing COP26,” said an Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

Despite Charles’ absence, Egyptian officials expect around 90 international leaders to attend the start of the Sharm el-Sheikh conference. According to ReutersHosts want to innovate: Instead of a traditional plenary talk, the idea of ​​COP27 organizers is to hold “round tables” to discuss specific topics such as green hydrogen, water and food security.

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Still in COP, The Guardian It echoed the negative reaction from activists and environmentalists Sponsorship With Coca Cola.

Major criticism of beverage’s massive impact on plastic production; The problem is particularly acute in Africa, where many communities suffer from plastic pollution and a lack of recycling and consumption reduction efforts.

“They are [Coca-Cola] They need to recognize that this is a problem or explain how they will achieve their climate goals without ending plastic addiction. This partnership undermines the very purpose of the event they intend to sponsor,” complained John Hosever from Greenpeace North America.

ClimateInfo, October 05, 2022.

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