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Clicio Andrade sees Cruzeiro stepping forward and evaluating the business meeting

Clicio Andrade sees Cruzeiro stepping forward and evaluating the business meeting

The politician also commented on President Sergio Santos Rodriguez’s enthusiasm for the Club-Company project

Businessman and politician Clecio Andrade, former president of the National Transport Association, and the councils of Sest and Senat, attended the first meeting promoted by the directors and president of Cruzeiro to present the company’s club project last Monday (21), in the meeting that was also done remotely. On a trip, he attended the radio report Super 91.7 FM Comment on what has been passed

“The meeting of Cruzeiro yesterday was very positive. We had the opportunity to connect with the Corporate Club project, which has already progressed well and I believe that this is the only solution that Cruzeiro has today. As a Corporate Club, he will be able to. Without a doubt, to take advantage of and create The conditions to pay off their debts and be able to hire high-level players, continue to develop their school and move forward as a team that has always been, with a rich history and so important to all of Brazil, a great team always, always ahead of others. We will be able to be so again,” declared Clecio, supporter The initiative.

“The corporate club project in Congress has already passed the Senate, and it will go into the room. I think in another 90 days it will be ready and create the conditions for the club to transform itself into a corporation in football. In this down the road, Cruzeiro will come out ahead. From what I saw The club is ready and ready to become that great team again or continue to be a great club as it has always been,” added the manager.

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Clicio Andrade also commented on the behavior of President Sergio Santos Rodriguez, who has been criticized by the fans, who are demanding his resignation, and often challenged him for not taking into account the opinion of people who were willing to help the club. The radio revealed a recent case of separation from businessman Pedro Lourenco, the team’s main supporter Super 91.7 FM.

“I found Sergio (Santos Rodriguez) very enthusiastic and passionate about the club’s company and with many friends and business people willing to assist him in this endeavor,” sums up Andrade.

The article attempted to contact other invited names, among them Emílio Brandi and Paulo Henrique Pentagna Guimarães (CEO of BS2 Bank and effective board member) as well as Alvimar Pirella, the former president of Cruzeiro. The latter, however, highlighted the Super FC Who was invited but did not attend the meeting. Alvemar confined himself to saying, “Maybe I will participate in the next tournaments.”

Raposa management has stated that it intends to hold new meetings and will invite other businessmen such as Aquiles Diniz, Régis Campos, Vittorio Medioli and Pedro Lourenço

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