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City Hall took money from education and health to pay R$1.2 million to Gusttavo Lima

The municipality of Conceição do Mato Dentro has issued a note stating that singer Gusttavo Lima’s fees were paid with money from Mineral Exploration Financial Compensation, CFEM. In practice, mining companies pay tribute to the federal government, which then sends this money to the cities where the mining activities are carried out.

“There are no restrictions,” according to the statement about using the resource to hold events that improve the quality of life for local residents. However, what is shown on the website of the National Mining Agency, is that the funds can only be used to improve issues of infrastructure, environmental quality, health and education. Information from Folha de S.Paulo.

However, Mato Dentro City Council says that the event in question will attract tourists to the area, “making the city receive almost the entire investment in income generation, whether in local commerce, in accommodation facilities, in bars and restaurants, gas stations, bakeries, home rentals, and rental public spaces, among other things, which promotes the diversification of the local economy”

According to the contract with the city council, Gusttavo Lima has until June 15 to receive the rest of the money, for which the fee was paid in two instalments.

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