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Ciro Gomez reinforces Bolsonaro's speech and also criticizes Petrobras' profits |  Economie

Ciro Gomez reinforces Bolsonaro’s speech and also criticizes Petrobras’ profits | Economie


After Bolsonaro, Ciro Gomez also criticized Petrobras’ earnings

PDT pre-presidential candidate Ciro Gomez used social networks on Friday (29) to criticize the profits Petrobras made amid rising fuel prices. Yesterday, the state-owned company It achieved a profit of 31.1 billion Brazilian riyals
In the third quarter of this year.

“The fourth-quarter balance sheet figures for Petrobras, which were released yesterday, are a slap in the face for every Brazilian and a deep stab in the heart of the poorest,” Ciro began.

He continued: “The massive profits – distributed immediately to shareholders – attack, mock and insult the millions of people who pay for the most expensive fuel in history while feeding powerful shareholders.”

The president said that Brazil was “real sweating” to pay “Emperors’ Day in dollars” and launched: “We built Petrobras with our taxes and our secret fortunes and we hand it all to them on a platter.”

Ciro Gomez’s speech reinforces She talks about his opponent, President Jair Bolsonaro (No party)
. Yesterday, Bolsonaro stated that Petrobras cannot make as high a profit as it has been doing.

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“If it’s a company that exercises a monopoly, it has to have its social bias in a good way. Nobody wants money from Petrobras for anything. We want Petrobras not to be in a deficit, obviously, to invest in gas as well, not just in other areas. We want Petrobras to focus on this, but we need changes to the legislation going through Parliament. But it has to be a company that is not very profitable, as it has been doing,” the president said.

However, Ciro emphasized a point by saying, “We can’t play their game, who want us to hate Petrobras. We have to take it back and put it on the right track.” “Down with the genocidal policy of pegging fuel prices to the dollar! Oil is ours! Petrobras is ours! We want it!”

Although it was not mentioned who those people “want us to hate Petrobras” are, the PDT has already declared itself against the idea of ​​privatizing the company, which it considered an “evil strategy”. in the last days, Bolsonaro was considering the possibility of selling a state-owned oil company
for a private initiative.

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