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Ciara 0 x 1 RB Bragantino: Watch what the Brazilian Serie A match was like - PLAY

Ciara 0 x 1 RB Bragantino: Watch what the Brazilian Serie A match was like – PLAY

The Ciara lost to RB Bragantino This Saturday (30) by 1 to 0, at Arena Castellao, in Fortaleza, for the fourth round of the Italian Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. attacker they reciteMassa Protta scored the only goal of the match.

With the setback, Dorival Júnior made it to Game Two without a win in the National Competition, resulting in a 15th place finish with three points. Sao Paulo, in turn, occupies the temporary leadership of the First Division with eight points.

Alfingra returns to the field on Saturday (7), at 20:30, against Atletico-PR.

the game

The start of the match was well-balanced, with both teams scoring strongly in midfield and blocking the advance to the opposing court. Ciara looked for side plays, while RB Bragantino opted to exchange fast passes.

However, the Sao Paulo team found it difficult to work on possession of the ball, due to the momentum of the white and white markings. The moment they were able to exchange passes, RB Bragantino opened the scoring, striker Ytalo took advantage of a cross at the entrance to the area and hit João Ricardo’s corner.

The answer came Alvenegra with Fina on the left side. The midfielder cheated the defense, crossed into the area and Clayton spread the ball. The ball was still alive in the area, and it was left to Eric, but the striker ended up on the wrong side.

Before the final whistle, Ciara had the opportunity to tie the match to a set piece, but the midfielder Venna hit the barrier at the end.

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Ciara and RB Bragantino faced each other on Saturday (30) at Arena Castelão

take photo:
Kid Jr / SVM


Alvenegro’s team returned for the second half and they proposed a match and are looking for a tie. Striker Eric had two chances but failed to score.

The Grandfather 11 shirt is still moving the referee in the match. Attempting in the RB Bragantino area, Eric fell after his clash with Ramon. Ramon Abate sent the match. The Video Referee (VAR) contacted the field referee, but after review, the decision was upheld.

Dorival Júnior developed the match and focused on the opposing court. Victor Lewis, in the 20th minute, searched for Archer’s corner with a free kick, but Clayton saved it.

Even with the pressure imposed in the second half, Ciara was unable to equalize and left Arena Castellao with a scoreless score.

Ciara vs RB Bragantino | Follow the schedule

Follow Giving By Giving

0-15 m from 1st T.: The balanced duel began in Arena Castelão. The two teams presented themselves for the match, but the momentum in marking prevented progression into the offensive sector. The opposing team had two chances to shoot from outside the area, Heoran and Sorriso.

15-30 m from 1st T.: RB Bragantino finally managed to exchange passes on the opposite court. The result came immediately, as striker Italo received a cross at the entrance to the area and hit a corner for goalkeeper Joao Ricardo, to open the scoring for the Sao Paulo team. Dorival Júnior had a chance with Erick but the striker missed it.

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30-45 m from 1st T.: Barbieri continued to control the ball and neutralize Ceará’s strengths. Ceará’s team found it difficult to reach Cleiton’s goal.


0-15 m from 2 TAlvenegra returned to the second half and suggested a match and are looking for a tie. Eric, in the 2nd minute, hit a cross and Clayton defended. In the side plays, Ciara came back to take the risk, this time with a surplus 11 jersey, but left-back Ramon intercepted him with his header.

15-30 m from 2 T: Follow Dorival Júnior into the attack zone. Victor Lewis, in the 20th minute, in a free kick, sought a corner goalkeeper Clayton, but Archer defended. From outside the area, Bruno Pacheco took a risk, but was saved by the goalkeeper.

30-45 m from 1st T.Ciara continued to attack the Sao Paulo team but failed to equalize.

art paper | Ciara 0×1 RB Bragantino

Date: 04/30/2011
Time: 16:30 (Brazilian time)
Stadium: Arena Castelão, in Fortaleza (CE)
Broadcasting: Premiere, Rádio Verdinha and Real Time at Diário do Nordeste
Referee: Ramon Abate Abel (SC)
Assistants: Kleber Lucio Gil (SC) and Henrik Neu Ribeiro (SC)
Video technology: Rafael Tracey (SC)
Targets: Yetalo (Bragantino)
Yellow Cards: Rodrigo Lindoso (Ciara), Ramon, Aderlan, Clayton, Eric Ramirez, Helenho, Mauricio Barbieri (Bragantino)
Red Cards: Ramon (RB Bragantino)


car: Joao Ricardo; Michel Macedo (Nino Paraíba), Messias, Gabriel Lacerda and Bruno Pacheco; Rodrigo Lindoso (Joao Victor), Richard (Wesley), Giovanni (Victor Luis); Eric (Iori Castillo), Fina and Mendoza. Technical: Dorival Jr

RB Bragantino: Clayton. Aderlan (Hortado), Leo Ortiz, Renan, and Ramon; Gadsom, Lucas Evangelista (Eric Ramirez), and Heoran (Bruno Tobarao); Heleno, Sorriso (Williton) and Italo (Alerandro). Technical: Mauricio Barbieri

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