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Churrascaria “O Laçador” concludes leaving a taste of nostalgia and beautiful stories

Churrascaria “O Laçador” concludes leaving a taste of nostalgia and beautiful stories

Churrascaria Laçador finished the business after 40 years / Ronald Regis / Pantanero

The steakhouse “O Laçador”, the most famous in Anastasio and the region, has announced its closure after 40 years of service. Leaving a taste of nostalgia and beautiful stories, the project is part of the nostalgic memories of the customers.

In an interview with PantanalThe O Laçador family says they arrived in town in the 1980s, and family members have thanked their customers and friends and told a little about the history of the company, which ended the course after a difficult personal decision.

The family came from the south and continued the branch they already had in another state, here in Anastasio. Family members noted that many regular customers were present in the steakhouse not only on Sundays, but also on weekdays.

There was a lot of emotion during the interview, as it was confirmed that O Laçador will remain in people’s hearts. “And we will miss you very much, too. We have had many employees who have passed through here, they are very important people to us and part of our family.”

According to the family, the steakhouse’s toughest moment was during the pandemic, as they worked on free days, fired none of the staff and survived the crisis. “If we stop, it will be worse for everyone.”


The family thanked all customers in the area for the years they spent at O ​​Laçador Steakhouse. They said they are cycles that close and open other doors.

“We thank all the customers, friends, employees, collaborators and families that have come here. Because our customers have been from the youngest children to the oldest. It was built during these 40 years.”

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It was a tough lockdown decision, but we need this time.

And to finish saying that: here our family is working at your service!!

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