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Chris Cyborg exits in the final seconds and maintains the Pilator belt |  Fighting

Chris Cyborg exits in the final seconds and maintains the Pilator belt | Fighting

The Bellator 259 took place Friday in Uncasville, USA, and its main attraction was the featherweight belt duel between Cris Cyborg and Leslie Smith. The fight marked a rematch for UFC 198 in 2016, when the Brazilian won by knockout in the first round. In this encounter, I ran into a little more difficulty, but the result, at the end of the story, ended just as it was.

Cyborg dominated the entire first round. After imposing her game from the first seconds, the Brazilian tried to show off her hitting power by striking good strings, and even getting a knockout. Smith resisted and continued the fray, although he was completely dominated by the hero. Cyborg maintained his dominance in the following rounds, even applying another knockout in the fourth round.

When everything led us to believe that the victory of the Brazilian would be up to the judges’ decision, the hero decided to speed up the pace, dealing a heavy blow, sending her opponent to the board. Cyborg then punished Smith with a series of punches and forced the referee to interrupt the dispute at 4:51 PM of the fifth round, nullifying the technical knockout.

Cyborg succeeded in defending the Bellator featherweight belt – Photo: Pilator

In addition to Cyborg, Brazil had two other actors in Bellator 259. Leandro Hugo faced Daryon Caldwell in the rematch that the American won in 2018. This time, however, the outcome was different.

Higo got the worst in the first round, when he fell to the ground and suffered from his opponent’s elbows being fired, which opened a wound in his head. In the second round, the Brazilian was dropped again, but managed to scrap the American fighter’s ground, pound and applied his elbows well from below. In the third and final round, Higo flipped his opponent’s eliminations and compromised by attempting some transmissions. Caldwell reacted in the final seconds, but the bell rang and stopped the feud. The decision was for the jury, who decreed the victory of the Brazilian by split decision.

Maycon Mendonça did not do well. He makes his debut in Bellator and is confronted by Jalil Willis. The Brazilian was the best in standing, but ended up struggling to enforce his style of play, as Willis used his eliminations so well to nullify Maicon’s good goal. At the end of the three rounds, the American won unanimously.

See below the full results of the Bellator 259:

Chris Cyborg defeated Leslie Smith by technical knockout in 4:51 seconds from R5.
Leandro Hugo defeated Darion Caldwell via a split decision
Austin Vanderford defeated Fabian Edwards by unanimous decision
Jalil Willis defeated Maycon Mendonça by unanimous decision
Hannah Jay defeated Valerie Llorida by unanimous decision
Saad Awad defeated Nate Andrews by knockout in 3D16 of the first round
Grant Neal defeated Tyree Fortune by submitting in 4: 20s from R1
Sumiko Inaba defeated Christina Katsikis by technical knockout in 3 minutes 35 seconds from the 3rd round.
Aviv Gozalie defeated Shawn Felton by surrendering in 1m 17th round 1
Davion defeated Franklin Tyler King by knockout in 2m02s R1
Lea McCourt defeated Janai Harding by surrendering at 2:42 seconds from R2
Danny Sabatilo defeated Brett Jones by unanimous decision
Alexander Chapley defeated Alfie Davis by unanimous decision

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