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Chosen Led Iris as the toughest participant to live with in Unlimited TV News

Chosen Led Iris as the toughest participant to live with in Unlimited TV News

after leaving at limit 5,Lucas Led Presumably he had trouble dealing with it Iris Stefanelli During his time on the reality show on Globo. The surfer explained that the presenter used to adopt a more pessimistic stance regarding the game and ended up affecting the atmosphere of Tribo Karkara’s competitors.

At Chat No Limite, Anna Clara asked Lima Chombo about his relationship with the blonde. “Was it the hardest post you could live with?” asked the announcer.

“Yeah, we’re totally different. I’m very liberal, I don’t think about the downside, and at times, Iris had these thoughts that made us think about the downside of things. We’ve always tried to take this away from her,” he admitted It was eliminated from the week.

Despite this, the surfer confirmed that he liked all his fellow competitors, including the BBB7 participant. “She had some controversial issues, but let’s say I liked everyone very much. It’s a learning experience. There are so many different cultures, different people, and they have different experiences.”

Led also liked the game’s opponent. Andre Martinelli, which is part of Tribo Calango. “When we looked from person to person on each team, Andre was a man whom I saw fighting head-on, because he was a nimble guy. He would be the one who would pull for my team, a very cool guy, a humble guy, he killed me with pride,” the BBB20 participant said.

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