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Choose who you want to show your "last seen" on WhatsApp

Choose who you want to show your “last seen” on WhatsApp

Always striving to bring news to its users, The WhatsApp is developing New feature. According to the site information WABetaInfo, who discovered the novelty, the messenger will soon be able to let him choose who a notification will appear “Last seen”.

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The user will be able to choose specific contacts, instead of just hiding their status from all contacts as has been the case until now.

Discovered by a website already known to the public

The WABetaInfo website found the new feature in the beta version of the iOS app, but according to the website, the Android beta feature is now also available.

WhatsApp currently allows 3 options for the user to allow viewing of their ‘last seen’ notification, but it is only possible to select contacts or not select anyone.

The expectation is that if the feature is integrated into the stable version of the app, the “My contacts except…” option will become available, and the notification can be hidden from specific contacts.

Also according to WABetaInfo, other features, such as hiding the profile picture and the Message tab, can be implemented in other settings. WhatsApp privacy.

It is important to note that the feature, if implemented, will work interchangeably, making it impossible to see the notification of those who have also been blocked. If you are part of the beta version of the app, just follow these steps to test the new feature:

  • Click on the three dots;
  • go to the “configuration” option;
  • Select the “Privacy” option;
  • Click “My contacts except”, in the “Last Seen” option;
  • Choose Contacts.
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Also being tested in Windows 11 version 2.2212.2.0 of WhatsApp UWP, the self-destructing feature for photos and videos.

Media sent with the option activated after viewing will be destroyed, although the feature cannot prevent screen printing, it does guarantee that the original copy of the file will disappear.

Both features are in the development stage and the expectation is that if they pass the tests, they will soon reach the users of Meta messenger.