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Chinese military delegation visits England and France: Ministry

Chinese military delegation visits England and France: Ministry

A Chinese military delegation visited Britain and France from June 24 to Saturday to discuss improving bilateral security ties, China’s Ministry of Defense said on Saturday.

The Defense Strategic Advisory Committee of the People’s Liberation Army exchanged in-depth views on international and regional security issues of common concern and strengthened mutual understanding and trust, the ministry said in a statement.

Asked about the visit, a spokesman for the British Ministry of Defense said that the ministry held a strategic security dialogue in London.

their respective national security strategies, the situation in Ukraine, security in the Indo-Pacific region, strategic stability and proliferation, the South China Sea and Taiwan; and UK-China military relations were discussed,” the spokesperson said in a statement. .

British Foreign Secretary James could be wise to visit China in July, officials say, as Britain seeks to improve ties with China and engage in areas such as trade, investment and climate change, while protecting against threats to national security.

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