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China threatens that H&M will not make a profit if Xinjiang does not buy cotton

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According to a spokesman for the government of China’s Xinjiang province, H&M has partnered with several international fashion companies. He advertised the boycott As for cotton from Xinjiang province, which is completely unjustified, it is “like someone throwing a stone at their feet”.

China does not tolerate large companies largely ignoring Xinjiang cotton. According to many provinces, Uyghur residents locked up in concentration camps work in the cotton fields by the Chinese, so the cotton that comes from here is basically the product of forced labor.

In China, Xinjiang government spokesman Xu Qi-ciang said that in the past, many have called for a boycott of H&M and Nike.

“I do not think a company should bring politics into its economic activities. Can H&M then make money in the Chinese market? No.”

China has gone so far as to ignore H&M, not only has the communist government overseeing the country’s internet service, disappeared from the internet for hours, but it has become impossible for anyone to even travel to one of the H&M stores via taxi apps.

In addition to them, Nike, Burberry, Adidas and Converse also met similar rules.

Hugo Boss tried it as it was Find outIn order to maintain the Chinese market, Weibo, a Chinese social platform, posted a notice on its website telling its Chinese customers to “continue to buy and support” cotton from Xinjiang province, as their direct partners have never done to buy cotton from the province alive. (BBC)

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