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China criticizes the G7 joint statement that dealt with the Asian country

China criticizes the G7 joint statement that dealt with the Asian country

The President of the Republic, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, during a working session of the G7 + called on countries and international organizations: “Work together to face multiple crises”. Hiroshima, Japan.

Photo: Ricardo Stockert/PR

China’s Foreign Ministry said Saturday that China resolutely opposes the G7 joint statement issued by Hiroshima, Japan, and has lodged a complaint with summit organizer Japan.

The ministry said in a statement that the Group of Seven, ignoring China’s concerns, attacked it and interfered in its internal affairs, including Taiwan.

The Chinese Embassy in Japan also spoke out, saying that the G7 summit instigated what it described as the bloc’s policy and urged the group to stop creating confrontation and division.

Leaders of the world’s leading democracies who met in the Japanese city of Hiroshima earlier said in a statement that they are ready to build “constructive and stable” relations with Beijing as they seek to reduce dependence on trade with the world’s second-largest economy. .

The statement reaffirmed the indispensable importance of peace and stability in Taiwan to the security and prosperity of the international community.

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