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Chile has less approval for the constitution and the state of Porec

Chile has less approval for the constitution and the state of Porec

33% of the population approve of a new constitution, compared to 56% in January. Data from the research firm Cadem

The new Chilean constitution has the approval of 33% of the population, according to a survey by Cadem released on Monday (27 June 2022). In January the number was 56%. Chilean President Gabriel Borek scored a disapproval of 59%, up 5% from last week. here it is Salim Scan (2.8 MB).

This is Borek’s worst result since then took the presidency, in March of this year. His government’s approval rating also dropped from 40% to 34% compared to the beginning of his term. In addition, the survey indicates that 91% of the population see the country’s economy as stagnant or deteriorating.

Also according to the study, 61% of Chileans said they are scared and worried about the new ingredient. The new Magna Carta project had Delivery of the first edition On May 17 by the Chilean Constituent Committee and will be completed in July. The constitution goes to a public referendum on 4 September.

growing rejection

In the seventh week of his tenure, Gabriel Borek has already registered a disapproval of 53% among Chileans. a 360 . force she did Compared to the numbers of previous heads of state, the new president has the largest decline in popularity in the country’s recent history.

When elected, Borek had a 50% approval rating. His presidential inauguration came on the heels of popular movements that began in 2019 with a new constitution for the country, to replace the current one promulgated during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

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