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Children’s book introduces the world of science in a fun way – Portal PJF

A pompous name, a clown nose, the appearance of an artist and a lot of curiosity. This is the description of a very clever clown, the title of the book “Galileu ea Fantástica Máquina de Levantar Coisas”, to be released on the 12th, Friday, 7:30 pm, in the Municipal Library of Murillo Mendez, located on Avenida Getlio Vargas, Praça Antônio Carlos – Downtown. Authors Leonardo Valli and Paulo Menezes playfully introduce children to the universe of science. The work has illustrations by Carlos Lobo, bears the Editora Viseu stamp and can be purchased on launch day for R$30.

In 36 pages, the book recounts the adventures of Galileo, the clown scientist, who finds time between juggling and spinning games to try to unravel the mysteries of the world. “This is the first in a series of Galileo clown books, all focusing on scientific content,” predicts Paolo. The “Galileu and the Fantastic Machine for Lifting Things” was designed by the Leonardo Valley Master of Education project at the UFJF, with guidance from Cristhiane Flôr and joint supervision by Paulo Menezes.

The Murillo Mendes Municipal Library is maintained by the Juiz de Fora City Council and managed by the Alfredo Ferreira Lage Cultural Foundation (Fonalva).

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