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Chevrolet Gives New Corvette to Customers After Mechanic Takes Off Crack

Chevrolet Gives New Corvette to Customers After Mechanic Takes Off Crack

The Fremont Chevrolet dealership in the US gave a customer a brand-new Corvette after one of its employees was caught racing with the model. Not only that: In addition to replacing the car, he also got a 2022 Corvette instead of the 2021 version he paid for.

The owner of the model, Michael just sent an email talking about what happened and got the attention of the dealer, who gave him the new car at no charge.

The problem started when he heard strange noises in his C8’s engine and took it to a Chevrolet Fremont. The minor issue was quickly resolved. However, it was found after the car was restored that the model’s electronic registration measured a test drive done by a mechanic after the repair, with the Corvette reaching high speeds and even fighting the split with a Dodge Charger at 238 km/h.

“The agent’s family owner called me deeply apologetic and said he wanted to fix this,” Michael told The Drive website. “So he offered me a 2022 Corvette, and that was pretty shocking.”

Michael showed up at the dealership the next morning, and the general manager, Bonnie, took him to his office, where the paperwork was done and the new car ordered. “We built my 2022 car together and it allowed me to hit the submit button so my order could be delivered to GM,” he said.

It even received options and an extended warranty on the model. The owner of the agency, Indir Dosanjh, simply said that it makes sense to compensate the client. “After I saw the video, I thought it was the right thing to do. I heard about it, and then it was even worse when I saw it. Until you see things, sometimes you don’t understand.”

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Dosanjh owns several dealerships in the Fremont (California) area and said when the option to give Michael a new car arose, he thought it was the best thing to do.

Watch the video recorded by the car below: