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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has been banned by the United Kingdom

Except for the freezing of property, no British citizen or company can do business with them.

The UK government on Thursday morning announced a ban on Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and six Russian oligarchs doing business in the country.

Except for the freezing of property, no British citizen or company can do business with them.

Restrictions on Blues:

1. Prohibition of ticket sales. Only season ticket holders can follow the games at Stamford Bridge

2. There will be no inventory sales and the club shop will be closed

3. There will be no contract renewals

4. Players will not be exchanged

5. Club sales have been suspended

However, authorities have issued a license to allow the club to pursue football-related activities. Chelsea are still in contention for the Premier League, FA Cup and European Champions League.

“To ensure the club continues to compete and operate, we grant a special license that allows Abramovich to lose the right to play games, pay staff and allow ticket holders to watch the games.” Says a British government report.

The other six allowed are Igor Chechin, Andrei Gostin, Alexei Miller, Nikolai Dokarev and Dmitry Lepadev. The British government estimates the total net worth of the oligarchy is around 15 15 million (approximately R $ 98 million).

According to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sanctions are the last step in the unwavering support of the Ukrainian people.

“We will continue to pursue those who allow the killing of civilians, the destruction of hospitals and the illegal occupation of sovereign allies,” he said.

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