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Check prices, versions and how the biggest pickup truck in Brazil works

Check prices, versions and how the biggest pickup truck in Brazil works

Ram is gradually increasing its range in Brazil. After the new generation of the 2500 and the arrival of the sporty 1500 Rebel, the brand presents the 3500, the brand’s largest model – and the largest Pico ever officially sold in the country.

Placed on top of mid-size pickups like the Toyota Hilux, the Ram 3500 was imported from Mexico in three Laramie, Laramie Night Edition and Longhorn versions.

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Among the novelties was the possibility of acquiring the fifth wheel, the towing system installed in the center of the bucket in the upper version. Possibility because the buyer can choose the system or the ram box, the compartments placed on the sides of the bucket, equipped with a cover and electric lock. In most basic variants it is possible to rely on Ram Box only.

Prices and versions

  • Laramie: 484990 Brazilian Real
  • Laramie Night Edition: 509990 Brazilian Real
  • long horn: 529990 Brazilian Real

New engine and suspension

Image: disclosure

Under the hood, it was equipped with the same 6.7-liter six-cylinder turbodiesel that powered the 2500. The difference is in the numbers and the adoption of the Arla 32 system.

It underwent a new calibration that delivers 377 hp at 2800 rpm and 115 kg/min at 1700 rpm. The six-speed automatic transmission and the traction system are equipped with an electronic 4×2, 4×4 or 4×4 all-wheel drive selector with reducers.

Another novelty is the rear suspension. In order to meet the towing capacity of nine tons or even a payload of 1,752 kg, it replaced the concept with helical springs with a paper spring, also used in Stradas or on trucks, which is much more powerful.

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Ram 3500 Long Century - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: disclosure

In terms of equipment, the Ram 3500 comes standard on all versions with full LED headlights, blind spot alert, electric rear vision, noise cancellation, 360 cameras and cameras, electronic stability control with tow function and a 12-inch multimedia center.

The Night Edition adds to the digital rearview package, which switches to a one-button camera, adaptive cruise control (ACC), independent emergency braking, and lane departure warning with correction.

The audio system is now by Harman Kardon, the footrest under the doors is electrically actuated and retracts, with black visor headlights, body-colored bumpers, black interior and heated rear and side seats, plus finish. Chrome darkened.

For the Longhorn Edition, the listing also adds Matrix LED headlights, which individually activate each LED on or off point, chrome tow hooks, an exclusive grille, exclusive design wheels and interior finishes in real wood and genuine leather.

As an option, the Longhorn version also has a peton board, or “skirt and blouse”, as it’s known in Brazil, which costs an extra R$10,000.

First impressions

Ram 3500 Long Century - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: disclosure

Despite not having the long-awaited twin-wheelset in the rear, which Ram chose not to bring due to its excessive size for Brazilian roads, the 3500 is still very imposing.

In the Longhorn Edition, the finish that blends wood, leather and gold anodized details is different from what you’d expect. If the first impression is that the set can be tacky, then live it very interesting, plus there is a lot of quality in the details.

This more traditional thing is blended with a massive 12-inch multimedia center with Android Auto, Apple Carplay and built-in GPS, plus the ability to mirror apps like Waze to the screen and a TFT panel with a 7-inch screen that’s reliable on multiple functions.

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Even taller people look like the little guy next to the truck and using the footrest to climb is not optional, it’s mandatory. The front seats for “Great Americans” look more like heated seats, a function also found in the multifunction steering wheel.

For those who follow, the definition of a car for five is real. There is plenty of room for the leg, shoulder, knee and head. Those who sit in the middle do not suffer from the famous central tunnel because it does not appear there.

The truck also has a modular system in the rear seat that allows you to lift it and create free space in the area to carry large loads or, as mentioned in the launch, put a mattress and sleep inside the pickup.

Like the 1500 Rebel, the 3500 has a giant, modular center console. It allows you to store a 15-inch laptop within the area, plus there are several small storage compartments and a large selection of USB ports scattered throughout the front and rear area of ​​the cabin.

Due to its size and weight, the Ram 3500 requires a Type C license to be driven and also comes with a tachograph as standard, removing the induction cell phone charging system found in the 1500.

So that every driver, regardless of size or height, can steer the truck, in addition to electric height adjustment and seat distance, it has manual height adjustment on the steering wheel and electric distance adjustment from the pedals.

Behind the wheel, be careful with large dimensions, especially when cornering, it is even necessary to take the hand of the truck. It is 6 meters long, 2.12 meters wide, and has a wheelbase of 3.7 meters. In other words, the Fiat Moby fits in with the 3.5 and there’s still room left.

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The 3,600kg height and weight make for slow but predictable reactions behind the wheel. The suspension, even in a slalom workout, keeps the truck in place and stable.

The permanent torque engine grows rapidly on pickup-size standards. But it is not in acceleration that one sees what he is capable of and is surprised, but in the proposed exercises.

In the first, behind the wheel, we had the opportunity to tow a trailer specially designed with room for horses and a house weighing about 8 tons, and the pickup truck, using 4×2 traction, was unaware of the weight that was installed on the car. Fifth wheel.

With the towing / towing function activated, the torque delivery calibration is smoother so that the car does not shake when accelerating, turning the accelerator and shifting.

If that wasn’t enough, towing a 9-ton tractor was also an option. This time, with the 4WD already lowered, it wasn’t necessary to depress the throttle until the truck came out of standstill, using a low gear to move around and bringing the tractor with it.

With the communication, albeit brief, it became clear that nothing is as compelling for sale in Brazil as a big truck with ridiculous numbers and capabilities as its image and dimensions.

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