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Check out the results of Quina 5561 and Lotofácil 2227 this Tuesday (11/5)

Posted on 05/11/2021 19:58 / Updated 05/11/2021 20:44

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Caixa Econômica Federal held raffle draws Tuesday night (11/5) on six sweepstakes: Quina’s 5561 contest; Lotofacil 2227; Lotomania 2177; 2221 from double Sina; 1636 from Timemania and 454 from Lucky Day. The draw was held at Espaço Caixa Loterias, at Tietê Bus Station, in São Paulo.

What or what

Kina received an expected prize of 700,000 Rials, and the following numbers have been drawn: 25-40-61-69-78.
The number of winners can be checked in Quina and the division Here.


With an expected prize of R $ 600,000, Lotomania provided the following numbers: 06-07-08-24-29-31-34-36-43-50-51-52-57-65-68-87-88-91- 96-97.
The number of Lotomania winners and the apportionment can be checked Here.


Lotofácil, which is expected to distribute around 1.5 million BRL to those who get 15 scores correctly, gave the following result: 02-03-07-08-09-10-11-12-15-17-20-21 – 22-23-24.
The number of Lotofácil winners and the division can be checked Here.

Double sine

Duplo Sena pulled the following numbers: 11-30-31-35-37-50 in the first draw; 06-10-31-35-38-39 in the second draw. The expected premium is R $ 1.6 million.
The number of winners can be checked in Double Sena and the division Here.


Timemania, who received an expected prize of 2.5 million Brazilian reals, presented the following result: 04-20-30-37-40-50-74. The Heart Team is Atlético, from Goiás.
Timemania’s number of winners and division can be checked Here.

lucky day

With an expected prize of 1.1 million BRL, Lucky Day had the following result: 03-04-10-11-13-16-17. The lucky month is July.
The number of Lucky Day winners and personalization can be checked Here.

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