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Check out the famous people who set themselves up as an anti-vaccine

Check out the famous people who set themselves up as an anti-vaccine

Although vaccination against Covid-19 has shown to be the only effective way to fight the virus and allow activities to return, there are those who do not believe in immunization agents and even advertise against them. These anti-vaccination groups usually share fake news, and they influence too many people, hindering the progress of campaigns.

Despite all the information circulating in the newspapers, there are popular vaccines; Check out some who have already taken a stand against immunizing agents.

publicity celebrity

Eric Clapton

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The legendary British guitarist has said he will not perform at venues that require a Covid-19 vaccine. The musician was distinguished by his statements denying him during the epidemic. The statement came after countries in Europe, including the UK, began requiring proof of vaccination at events with the public.

“Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, July 19, 2021, I feel compelled to make a personal announcement: I want to say that I will not perform at any stage where there is a privileged audience. Unless there are arrangements for everyone to attend, I reserve the right to cancel,” Clapton said. the offer.

Rob Schneider

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The comedian known for his roles in films such as “Gente Grande” was also distinguished by his boycott of the Covid-19 vaccine. “Just say no… and keep saying no… More than half of the US population continues to say no to this unapproved experimental gene therapy!” “My body, my choice,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

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Fernanda Venturini

Photo: cloning – Instagram

The former volleyball player was very successful playing court in the Brazilian team’s jersey, but ended up being flagged because she recently said she was vaccinated just to be able to travel and that she is against the vaccination factor. “We came cycling to get the vaccine. I am against the vaccine, but since I want to travel the world I will take it. I will take Pfizer which I think is less bad,” she said in a story in June. After the negative repercussions, she backed off until she said it was worse her interpretation, but she did not change her position.

Letitia Wright

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Black Panther actress, the young woman has already revealed her anti-vaccine stance. On her Instagram account, Letitia shared a video of a man who calls himself a prophet, Tomi Arayomi, in which he talks about unproven facts about the Covid-19 pandemic. After the controversy, she said, “It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, my only intention to post the video was to raise my concerns about the content of the vaccine and what we’re putting in our bodies.”

Jim Carrey

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The actor is a longtime supporter of the anti-vaccine movement, relying on the false theory that vaccinations cause autism. Less flashy than at other times, the actor hasn’t taken a stance on the Covid-19 vaccine, but on other occasions he has been against vaccination. “A trillion dollars buys a lot of expert opinions. Would you buy it? Toxin-free vaccines, reasonable request!” the comedian said on Instagram a few years ago.

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