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Check how long there will be service in banks

Check how long there will be service in banks

On Monday (27/12) bank branches returned to normal business after a short break in Natal. But, for those who want to enjoy the new year and need to solve banking problems, it is good to pay attention to deadlines New Year’s holiday. According to information from the Brazilian Confederation of Banks (February), the last business day for customer service will be the 30th (Thursday). From then on, the holiday begins.

Since banking institutions do not work on public holidays, Christmas and New Years are part of this agenda. There are electronic means of payments, transfers and other services. Boletos due during the holiday period can be paid on the first business day without accruing interest.

Through banking applications, it is also possible to proceed with the payment of these vouchers or even at ATMs that will work. Situations requiring the need for service within the banks must be resolved by the last working day, in this case 12/30. On January 1, Saturday, the banks are closed.

But the service is back to normal on 03/22/01. The lottery outlets will operate normally until the 31st, as shown. One of the reasons, for sure, will be the huge demand for Mega da Virada games. Some lotteries open only until noon, but it is up to each reporter.

It is precisely in the case of these correspondents, especially the lottery outlets, that it is necessary to inform yourself according to the city. Most public services will only be open until next Friday, but equally, it depends on the service and the city. In São Paulo, for example, Poupa Tempo will close on December 31.

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