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Check bank opening hours this year

Check bank opening hours this year

Branches open in special hours on the 24th and close on December 25 and 31 and January 1, the Brazilian Confederation of Banks (Vibrapan) has reported.

By Brazil Agency – Brasilia

Bank branches Open at special times on Christmas Eve. On the thirty-first, financial institutions are closedAccording to information received from the Brazilian Confederation of Banks (Veraban).

Veerappan remembers that Bank branches do not work on public holidaysBe it municipal, state or federal. As a result, banks do not work on Christmas and New Years.

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Therefore, the last working day of the year for customer service, with normal working hours to carry out all banking operations, will be December 30 (Thursday).

Christmas Eve

Check our customer service hours on December 24:

Service channels

Residents will be able to use electronic means of banking services, such as cell phone e Online BankingAutomated teller machines, telephone banking and messengers for financial transactions.

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Payments and utility bills, such as water, power, and telephone bills, due on vacation may be paid free on the next business day. Usually taxes are already with the dates adjusted according to the holiday calendar, whether it’s federal, state, or municipal.

Customers can also schedule or make bill payments (who have barcodes) at ATMs. On the other hand, bank vouchers from customers registered as electronic withdrawals can be scheduled or paid through DDA (Direct Authorized Debit).

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