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Cheap courses are available at Harvard, Stanford and Colombia

Cheap courses are available at Harvard, Stanford and Colombia

Renowned North American universities such as Columbia, Harvard and Stanford have extension programs in various fields from political science, marketing and design to law to psychology.

Also, above all: it is much cheaper than postgraduate courses abroad and the applicant has to prove proficiency only in English. That is, there is no need to go through a complicated selection process that includes recommendation letters, articles, resume analysis and tests.

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that due to the Govit-19 epidemic, some of these extension courses are offered online. The content is still the same – the certificate is still valid – but the experience is different. So if you want to study face to face, it is necessary to check whether the lesson will be given face to face in the coming semesters.

After all, your dream of having a master’s degree from Harvard, studying with the best professors in the world, studying with colleagues from different countries and having a strong “stamp” on your curriculum is coming true.

See extension courses at the best universities in the United States:

1. Stanford University, California

Stanford has a comprehensive extension school and offers courses ranging from one to ten weeks. Courses run throughout the year and do not require a certificate of proficiency in English. For example, you could take a five-week marketing class for $ 485, while a ten-week design thinking course costs $ 375. Know more.

2. Columbia University in New York

The university offers many online and face-to-face courses in various areas of knowledge and this list can be quite expensive. Prices vary depending on the number of credits for each course, but the average is $ 8,000 and tuition. You can study law, economics, international relations, languages, business, psychology, political science, philosophy, architecture, statistics, human rights and more. Know more.

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3. Harvard University, Cambridge

Harvard Extension School offers short courses throughout the year, in a variety of disciplines. Only a few of them require the student to provide the TOEFL (Choose English as a Foreign Language). Courses range from US $ 875 to an average of three months. You can do everything from language programs to graduate courses at Harvard in chemistry, astronomy, psychology, administration, marketing and more. Know more.

4. Cornell University, Ithaca / NY

Cornell Extension School offers three-, six- or eight-week courses in other subjects: finance, engineering, architecture, genetics, computer science, political philosophy, economics, physics and psychology. Foreign students are required to prove English proficiency (certified by TOEFL or IELTS), but there is no selection process. Course fees vary depending on the number of credits for the course. Each credit costs $ 1,620 and you have to pay $ 100 tuition. Know more.

5. University of California at Berkeley, California

Berkeley offers a wide range of extension courses throughout the year with different time periods and different values. For example, you could take a three-month Fundamentals of Design course for $ 495. A one-and-a-half-year marketing certificate course costs $ 5,500. You can also study architecture, education, administration, foreign languages, engineering, medical sciences, physics, computer, sociology, etc. Know more.

6. University of Chicago, Hyde Park / Chicago

University of Chicago summer extension courses are offered to high school and undergraduate students, and last from three to six weeks. Costs including room and board range from US $ 4,380 to US $ 7,775, but scholarships are available for international students. To study there, the applicant must demonstrate proficiency in English. Learn more here.

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* Text “Study in USA: Cheap courses at Harvard, Stanford and Colombia“Originally posted on the Estudar Fora portal from Fundaçção Estudar.