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Che Guevara was “abolished” by … the left

Released at the end of January this year, comics Che: A Revolutionary Life, which is an adaptation of the 1997 book of the same name, became a target of attacks from the left. Activists describe Argentine guerrillas as homophobic and racist, and the criticism has already been used to wear down the right.

John Lee Anderson, a journalist for the magazine, noted: “Over the past few years, it has been interesting to see this kind of identity politics make its way into the Che debate.” The New Yorker and the author of a biography of Che Guevara, now adapted into comics, in an interview with the paper the world, published on the second Thursday. Indeed, there are certain views on race and gays attributed to Che, but they were made when he was a teenager. Like everyone else, he is a character who has evolved over time.

Anderson said he was surprised to be explaining to new generations a “historical fact” that seemed obvious to him. “What killed the revolutionaries, although this was not necessarily something easy or pleasant for them,” the author of the book said. “When I found myself explaining this on national television, live, I realized for the first time that we were entering this new world. That cycle of social networks where people are evaluated on the spot. Today, the entire life of a historical figure is judged by a single statement.”

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