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ChatGPT US has cleared MBA, Law and Medical exams

Day by day, the ChatGPT It has gained new applications and many are using the ability of conversational AI to produce texts on a wide range of subjects. What is new this time is the idea, according to a study conducted in the United States OpenAI Even students can easily pass difficult exams that they struggle to pass.

The highlight is the creation of legal documents with all the important details ChatGPT Scored B grade while appearing for MBA exam. Understand the study now.

ChatGPT has done MBA in USA

Ethan MolickProfessor at the University Warden In the United States, it created a study to find out how AI speaks OpenAI Performs when tested on tests typically developed for professionals focused on managing people and projects.

The tool knows about the best managers (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

When requesting content with an educational focus, the teacher Christian Dervish Artificial intelligence is approved with a “B or B-” grade, which configures approval. In the United States, grades vary from A to F (as each letter has a weight of 2). A great highlight ChatGPT It was there to expand legal documents with all possible details, the knowledge that would make artificial intelligence a highly skilled expert.

The tool has demonstrated significant potential for automating some of the skills of typically higher-paid workers, particularly workers in positions held by MBA graduates, including analysts, managers, and consultants.

Christian Dervish is a professor at Wharton University

In experiments involving people management, the tool was validated in the MBA final section Recipe dominance (Performance Management), providing correct and better answers. Despite some early mistakes, The ChatGPT Corrected itself and provided significant solutions typically considered by great leaders.

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Chatgpt, the AI ​​for chatting on smartphones
Even with a B grade, AI is recognized in the MBA exam (Photo: Reproduction/Internet)

Interaction with humans is essential for conversational AI to provide more concrete answers, and the professor pointed out that he did a “remarkably good” job of getting tips from an expert on the subject, in real time.

In cases where it initially failed to match the problem with the correct solution method, the tool was able to correct itself after receiving appropriate feedback from a human expert. Given this performance, Chat GPT3 scores a B to B on the exam.

Christian Dervish is a professor at Wharton University

AI has also passed tests in medicine and law

Another analysis to measure knowledge OpenAI She must undergo the same tests as those seeking approval to become medical and legal professionals. The highlight at this stage is preparing the legal documents well and including all the details that most of the candidates usually forget.

The ChatGPT Passing an exam that is equivalent to the OAB exam and confirms that a person is ready to practice law. AI score is verified by professors of universities Michigan And Chicago.

Justice icon design reading web content
Artificial Intelligence Passes Lawyers’ Test (Photo: Reproduction / Web)

When put to do American Medical Licensing ExaminationStudying in university Yale Yes, it proved that an AI has the knowledge to be recognized and act as a doctor if it were a real person.

Doctor uses smartphone and notebook in his daily work
AI also managed to pass clinical trials (Photo: Reproduction / Internet)

Created two articles that are recognized in the tool USMLE (Abstract for Medical Licensing Examination), passing rate is 50% to 60%. The average pass rate of candidates is 60%.

Ethics worries experts

It’s clear that the advances are important and will help professionals in their daily lives, but the biggest fear of developers in the survey is fraud. Because ChatGPT has been proven to pass specialized exams by submitting content that students did not write in the first place, it can be used in scams.

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At the same time, professors of American universities say that there is a possibility of using talking AI, at least in medicine, in education and even in decision-making. But of course it should be a support rather than the main factor.

The thought of OpenAI It is not yet connected to the Internet and all its knowledge is based on facts and events until the end of 2021. We can’t wait to see how it will be used in the months of 2023. would you believe Can an AI get that far? Tell us opinions!

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