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Ceni praises Igor Gomez, Eder's goal and explains Rafinha's choice

Ceni praises Igor Gomez, Eder’s goal and explains Rafinha’s choice

Coach Rogerio Ceni took advantage of Sao Paulo’s 4-0 defeat against Avai, in Morumbi, to appreciate some athletes who previously had less space in the tri-color squad. It was the cases of Igor Gomez and Eder who entered the second half and participated in the fourth goal.

“It’s good to see Eder score a goal again, gain confidence, and it’s good to see Igor Gomez help today. We are experimenting,” said the coach, who was already thinking about the South American final, which will take place on Saturday (1). .

Ceni was also asked about using Rafinha on the right, and if that meant the full-back would start making the decision against Independiente del Valle. However, an explanation for the selection was given without answering the final.

“Rafinha was my choice for today’s match. I thought we would have 60 or 70% possession of the ball and we would build a large part of the game in the opponent’s court. We played with different formations in the first and second half. In the first half Rafinha built more from the back, and in the second we focused a wheel Driving to set it aside,” he commented.

For the captain of Sao Paulo, a convincing victory over Liao helps the team psychologically, as it gives confidence to the athletes.

Winning is always fun. Winning [seguidas no Brasileirão] Getting us out of uncomfortable territory, we have the opportunity to focus solely on South America. Rest tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we are preparing for the final,” added the coach.

The South American final takes place at 5 p.m. on Saturday, in Cordoba, Argentina, in one match against Independiente del Valle, of Ecuador.

Check out more Rogerio Ceni’s responses at the press conference:

2022: What’s the best and the worst? general balance

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“It is difficult to assess 2022 without Saturday. Unfortunately footballIn-game evaluation is completed like on Saturday. But in an effort to break from that, SPFC has a larger structure in physical therapy, to improve players’ recovery. Professionals who have been here before me, I’m talking especially about Crespo, I don’t associate anything at all [de crítica]. We are trying to improve and catch up with the players financially, and that should happen soon. It is a long battle to get out of this situation. If the title does not come, it will be difficult to understand. But we have a more competitive Sao Paulo, a team that is more coordinated, tougher and not giving up matches. What will determine success or failure is the 90 minutes, or 120, of Saturday’s game. I hope it continues, no matter who resides in São Paulo, may it address this debt and create increasingly competitive teams. We can’t be fooled by this final, but we have to try to win at all costs. There is a lot at stake this week. It is a decade old game. Del Valle is a great team, a beautiful team.”

Renewal: What made you change your mind?

“My stay doesn’t change much. So being extra or not is formalizing the paper. It’s an extension of the association, of wanting to stay here. Even though I’m not here, I always have a great deal of affection for the club, that’s why “The importance of the South American title. But we have to bring in people who win. I really need this win. It will be very important to try to cheer the club, its fans and its history. For me, it is important to win this title. I don’t want to think about the chance of losing.”

Diego Costa is growing up

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“Diego lived two phases in Sao Paulo. One with Deniz, who decided to change everything and put him and Leo on defense. Then there is a sequence, he starts playing and the way Deniz likes. And that takes you to exposure. Later, with Crespo, it was used very little. And he My role. He’s seen both sides, and today he’s a very professional guy, very dedicated on a daily basis. He plays almost every game. He knows he can’t make mistakes.” There is Miranda close to him, he wants to play and he has history. There Arboleda. Where there is shadow, the people there know. And where the competitiveness is lower, this causes relaxation. He has shown that he is quite mature, a man who trained here “knows the values ​​of the club very well. May God help him to lift this title”.

Will you go to the final without ambiguity?

“I think we have a playing style. We have the option of the three defenders and the line 4. There is very little to move, other than that. It doesn’t change much how we play. It doesn’t change the players” I have a lot of secret and a lot of mystery. She studied a lot, but we’ll put it into practice this week to see what works best for her. “

About to play in the final, when a Rogerio fan appears?

“The fan side outside of CT. Perhaps in casual conversations about what could be better, what we have is our good and our shortcomings. About the good things we do every day. When I enter CT, the supportive side goes too far. Football is different for those who watch and those who watch. Who are introduced into the environment People who are introduced into the environment have a different vision. We want to offer fun to the masses. And nicknames remain forever. We want to give the man a reason to wear the shirt with pride. When I go to work, whether in Fortaleza or Sao Paulo, It is the same: I will do everything in my power to achieve this title.”

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Are you surprised if an invitation to the Brazilian national team arrives?

“I see the choice as a great passport for a coach to go to Europe. And the biggest thing he has is Brazilian national team. I’ll give you examples: Dorival, a man in his sixties, who is experienced, and who has a good relationship. I love everyday life in the club. If you talk about not training for three weeks, it’s not for me. But just asking the question makes me proud. But there are other, more experienced options at a convenient time to choose.”

How do you work on the motivation not to loot too much?

“That’s why São Paulo exists, because here the size of the stadium, 60,000 people come here. That’s why you’re at São Paulo Futebol Club. The history of Del Valle in recent years is unfortunately more successful. Today, Calleri gets slapped in the face, finger in the eye.” , something like that. The first thing I said to him was: “Calm down”. I know the Argentine, I know Caleri, and he couldn’t lose his head. I told him: “Don’t hit him”. His head was straight. It’s a team that mixes maturity with youth and strength. What del Valle does is to worry about referees and things like that. We have that pressure because here is a giant club, the club with the most international titles.”