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Celso Portioli explains himself after imitating the video of Eliana from Globo’s “Can’t celebrate?”  · the news

Celso Portioli explains himself after imitating the video of Eliana from Globo’s “Can’t celebrate?” · the news

Minutes after Ileana announced her hiring by Globo via a video on Instagram, Celso Portiolli decided to release his version of the post on Thursday (27). The joke divided opinions, as some followers accused the broadcaster of mocking his former colleague on SBT. He replied: “Can’t I celebrate?”

In the video, the blonde is seen walking down the stairs at home, then taking her Globo badge and car keys before saying goodbye to her children and leaving. In the caption, Ileana posted a snippet of the station’s end-of-year theme. “Our dreams will be true. The future has already begun,” he wrote.

Celso took similar photos minutes later and they went viral. While some praised the presenter’s good spirit, others considered it disrespectful to the blonde. “It takes time to submit the file,” commented user Theis Kruse. “I love Celso, he is a tremendous talent for entertainment, but I found this post identical to Ileana’s unnecessary. The moment was hers, her idea, it was boring and a bit of a pain in the neck,” Patti Vargas wrote. “It’s getting ugly,” Edin Gregorio added.

The owner of Domingo Legal then took to Stories to explain his position. “The little video you made there, imitating Ileana’s video, is booming, isn’t it? There are people who said: ‘Oh, unnecessary, ridiculous.’ It’s a joke, people! She appreciates the broadcaster she was, she’s making the dream come true, and he asked me: ‘I I’m fulfilling my dream of getting seven hours on Sunday. Can’t I celebrate too?”

Without Eliana, Portiolli will take up more time on the SBT schedule on Sunday. The presenter said he feels proud of the challenge of getting more screen time.

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“You know what this is? Getting seven hours on a Sunday after 30 years of working at the same company? I should be celebrating. I thought her video idea was a good idea and I did the same thing. What’s the big deal? She’s celebrating going to Globo, and she’s a great broadcaster.” “And I’m celebrating my seven-hour milestone on Sunday on SBT.”

“If you stop to think, seven hours of SBT Sunday, the only person who had that was Silvio Santos. And now I have the opportunity to do seven hours on Sunday. Shouldn’t you be celebrating?”, he expressed his appreciation. .

Celso was also keen to stress that he is friends with Ileana and is enthusiastically following the new phase of his fellow professional. “Ileana is my friend, and I was really rooting for her. You have no idea how big our friendship is. So I was really rooting for her to succeed, and she knows that, and I’m still rooting for her,” he said. He concluded: “Don’t worry, this is not a mockery of me. No, my friendship with her is beautiful.”

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