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Celso Barros calls Ganso 'Sonso', accusing him of trying to overthrow the technicians and managers of Fluminense, and pins Mario

Celso Barros calls Ganso ‘Sonso’, accusing him of trying to overthrow the technicians and managers of Fluminense, and pins Mario

In the match between Fluminense and Gremio, midfielder Paulo Henrique Gansu He complained after being replaced by Roger Machado in the second half of the 1-0 defeat in the Maracanã. Away from the board since November 2019, Celso Barros took a swipe at the player in a social media post on Sunday. The former head of UNAMID called Rio the No. 10 jersey “sleeping” and accused him of forcing the coaches and other board members, including himself, to leave.

– And once again midfielder Goose complained when he was substituted. Who should complain is the fans of Fluminense, because in the two-and-a-half years of the decade, the athlete hasn’t played anything. Besides, a crafty goose. Likes to lay off technicians and even managers. When I was playing football in Flo, he tried to keep me out of the group, because he could not accept the departure of coach Fernando Dinez. Daniel Zinho and Gilberto were with him – he wrote.

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– It is clear that all this happened under the satisfied look of the president “Bitcoin”. And also football chief executive Paolo Angioni, someone he loved, but as an employee of the club, he is under the orders of the young king. In fact, Flu x Gremio was pretty poor in terms of technology. Anyway, now we have to wait for the match against Ciro, when we confirm what I said in another post, our classification for the quarter-finals of the Libertadores – complete.

Daniel Zinho Already criticized by Celso Barros at other times. Flo’s vice president for the national team often uses networks to talk about the club, usually Mario Bettencourt. The two had several disagreements before the removal, which was Peaked in November 2019, when Barros defended Marcão’s dismissal and pushed Bittencourt for the job.

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Jansu was replaced by Roger 24 minutes into the second half, making way for JFK. According to the reporter who broadcast the match at the premiere, the midfielder would have said, “Every time there’s a substitution, I leave. I always, always me.” At a press conference for coach Roger Machado episode zoom out He asked that there be no controversy.