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Celso Amorim defends BNDES loans to neighbours: ‘It’s not a help’

In an interview with UOL News Celso Amorim, Special Adviser to the Presidency on International Affairs, on Friday defended the resumption of BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) loans to finance projects in neighboring countries. The diplomat sees the advertisement as an opportunity for Brazilian companies abroad.

It’s not a help [a países vizinhos], but to help Brazilian companies export value-added goods to neighboring countries. If Brazil were more able to provide financing for the development of countries, it would have an effect in two ways: the prosperity of these countries is important to us, and from an immediate point of view, it would favor the sale of Brazilian goods and services. Celso Amorim, Special Adviser to the President for International Affairs

Declaration made by President Lula on a trip to Argentina, caused negative repercussions in financial markets, for fear of default. The Betista opposition also sees the dangers of helping the president’s “friends” and has criticized the measure.

If we lose the common external tariff in Mercosur, Celso Amorim says, it will be bad for everyone

Amorim also referred to the need to enhance integration among Mercosur countries to make the bloc more competitive in international negotiations, leaving aside “mania” to explain what free trade is.

We will conduct negotiations that are most beneficial for Mercosur countries and that promote our integration. We will negotiate in the most favorable way. If we lose the common external tariff in Mercosur, it will be harmful for everyone. The goal is to strive for closeness. It won’t be easy. Celso Amorim, Special Adviser to the President for International Affairs

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Mairowicz criticizes the Democracy Package: “Bad and Fifth”

Walter Mairowicz criticized the Democracy Package, which was drafted by Minister of Justice Flavio Dino. The writer pointed out that there are shortcomings in some crucial points in the set of procedures, such as the proposal to increase the penalties imposed on criminals who attack democracy, and he regretted the lack of mechanisms to speed up the course of lawsuits.

It is a very poor and low quality package. Increasing penalties does nothing. The important thing is to make sure of the punishment. What’s in the package to speed up operations? no thing. It’s a package that comes with rising populism. Wálter Maierovitch, UOL columnist

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