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Celebrity Fate: Casinos and the Glamorous Life in Las Vegas |  International Destinations

Celebrity Fate: Casinos and the Glamorous Life in Las Vegas | International Destinations

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Celebrity Destination: Casinos and the Glamorous Life of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that breathes entertainment, luxury, glamor and exaggeration. There is so much to enjoy: from casinos to extravagant light shows. On the same road, tourists will find the pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower, the amphitheater and the Statue of Liberty. All of these motivators have drawn some celebrities to the city built in the Mojave Desert, among them Gabriel Medina, Jasmine Brunet, Livia Andrade, and Larissa Manuela.

The lively and cheerful atmosphere present in the place is a magnet for game lovers. At the airport, visitors are bombarded with thousands of slot machines scattered throughout the building. Plus, themed hotels are one of Las Vegas’ main attractions, with lavish performances by artists like David Copperfield, Mariah Carey, and Elton John.

Games City and Sin City are some of the names assigned to Las Vegas. The desert and hot climate are also characteristic of the region, with temperatures reaching 40°C at some times of the year. To avoid the heat, residents use tunnels, walkways, cars or monorails, as well as fans that send jets of water and wind into the streets.

How to get to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is located off the west coast of the United States, located in the state of Nevada. There are no direct flights from anywhere in Brazil, to get to the city it is necessary to make one or more air connections. Places like New York, Charlotte, Panama City, Detroit, Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston are among the best cities to travel, as they make the most direct route to Las Vegas.

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McCarran International Airport (LAS) is the Las Vegas International Airport, located approximately 4 kilometers from the city’s main street, Las Vegas Boulevard, also known as The Strip. The trip from Brazil to the United States takes about 15 hours and tickets for departure from São Paulo cost an average of 3,700 BRL.

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What are you doing in the city?


Main Street in Las Vegas is also one of the most famous in the world, thanks to its luminous buildings and monumental monuments. The strip represents 6 kilometers from Las Vegas Boulevard, a stretch filled with casinos, shopping centers, concert halls, restaurants and residences. The glamorous hotels in Las Vegas are not just places to stay, but real theme parks. They have spas, chapels, roller coasters, and canals with gondolas.


One of the oldest attractions in Las Vegas is the Bellagio Fountain Show. It’s a stunning show that mixes music, lights and water ballet. There are many choreographies performed by the source, in tune with the sound of music known all over the world.

Venice and Palazzo canals

Inside the Venetian and Palazzo hotels, you can find a large number of artificial canals inspired by the romantic scenes of Venice. There are gondola rides, in some environments there is even an artificial sky, as well as a soundtrack full of Italian songs.