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Celebrities take part in protests against the Bolsonaro government

Celebrities take part in protests against the Bolsonaro government

Celebrities were present In Saturday’s demonstrations against the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro (Without a party), which is held in several capitals of the country.

Renata Surah, Anna Hikari, Maria Ribeiro and Marcelo Adenit are some of the celebrities who have self-styled the protests.

Renata Surah

The actress was at a party at Jardim Botânico, holding a banner that read “Fora Bolsonaro”:

I’m Hikari

Anna Hikari, one of the heroes of “Malhação – Viva a Diferença” (TV Globo), also participated in the protest in Rio de Janeiro.

“Come on the street! It’s for health, education and more vaccinations! It’s outside of Bolsonaro!” “The vaccine is in her arm, the food is on her plate and outside of Bolsonaro,” wrote the actress holding a banner asking

Maria Ribeiro

Maria Ribeiro was also at the protest in the capital of Rio de Janeiro and remembered the actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, Who died in the last 4 victims of covid-19.

“Paulo Gustavo is forever,” says the sign the actress bears.

Gotha Stresser

Gotha Stresser was also present at one of the works and held a billboard with the following words: “Over 450,000 deaths. It’s your fault, Bolsonaro!

Marcelo Adnet

The humorist did not post a picture at one of the demonstrations, but he did post a message encouraging the protests:

Pinka Bin

Like Adnet, Bianca Bin has also made a publication in favor of actions against the government.

“If people protest amid a pandemic, it is because the government is more dangerous than the virus,” he wrote.

Nanda Costa

Nanda Costa posted an animated video calling for Bolsonaro to be sacked:

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Fabiola Nascimento

The actress responded to Nanda’s post: